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August 20, 2020

I enjoy reading blogs to learn and gain insights into different areas of tech. I follow a handful of blogs with topics that range from tutorials, career advice, cool projects, to art.

These are a few of my favorite developer blogs.

Tania Rascia

Tania has the best JavaScript tutorials. I always find myself referring to her articles. If there's a topic I want clarification on, it's usually already there.

Dave Ceddia

Dave writes about all things React in a way that's easy for me to understand. He is also the author of Pure React, a beginner friendly introduction to React. Going through Pure React helped me truly understand React after a few failed attempts.

Robin Wierch

Robin creates educational content around React, JavaScript, and web development. My favorites are his React tutorials.

Robert Heaten

Robert's blog is on programming for advanced beginners. His Programming for Advanced Beginner series is one of my favorites. He even reviewed one of my projects as part of the series.

Monica Powell

Monica writes tutorials on JavaScript, Gatsby, and other cool projects. I always reference Monica's Gatsby tutorials. I learned how to add search to my Gatsby blog through her tutorial, How to Add Search Functionality to a Gatsby Blog.

Dan Abramov

Dan explains JavaScript and React concepts. He also runs, his glossary of JavaScript concepts.

Denise Yu

Denise writes about career advice, learnings throughout her career, and also runs doodling workshops. Her post, Do you have any questions for me?, is a favorite of mine and came in handy for interviewing.

Maggie Appleton

Maggie explains programming through illustration. Her website is a digital garden. One of my favorites is her talk where she explains React as a potato.

Emma Goto

Emma writes a lot about React and cool projects she works on. I especially enjoy blogs where she walks through her work process. For example, Raising my first pull request to Forem.

Will Larson

Will has written approximately five hundred posts, a lot of them on management and infrastructure. Though I'm not a manager, I enjoy getting insight into the management point of view in growing an organization. He also writes a newsletter which I look forward to weekly. His post, Staff-plus interview processes, is a recent favorite.

Gergely Orosz

Gergely writes about career growth and engineering management. As someone starting their programming career, these posts resonate with me:

Itamar Turner-Trauring

Itamar writes about work/life balance as a programmer, productivity, and learning. His "More than just coding" blogs are my favorites because they always leave me wondering.

Laurie Barth

Laurie writes about JavaScript, learning, and career growth. Designing a Technical Interview is one of my favorite posts.

Camille Fournier

Camille writes about management and career growth. She is also the author of The Manager's Path.

Mark Erikson

Mark writes about React and Redux. My favorite is his series on How Web Apps Work.


I hope you may have found a few new blogs that interest you! Send me an email if you have any blog recommendations. I'm always on the look out for quality blogs.

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