My First Hacktoberfest and Pull Request

September 07, 2019

I completed my first Hacktoberfest challenge and got my t-shirt in the mail today!

This was also my first pull request, so it was my first time ever getting involved in an open source project. Here's what I worked on, what I learned, and what's next in my open source journey.

The Open Source Projects

  1. Techtonica Apprenticeship Curriculum - A free tech training and job placement program for women and non-binary adults with low incomes.
  2. Twilio Labs’ Open Pixel Art - A collaborative pixel art project to teach people how to contribute to open-source.

Why I Chose These Projects

  1. Techtonica is a mission driven organization that supports underrepresented folks on getting into tech, which is a goal I can get behind! My learning goals also aligned with the content that Techtonica needed. Through my contributions I was able to refine my knowledge on agile, scrum, and minimal viable product (MVP). There’s a saying that you learn through teaching, right?!
  2. During Write/Speak/Code’s San Francisco Hacktoberfest event, I found Twilio Labs’ Open Pixel Art. It is a dedicated beginner friendly project, which is why I chose it. With some help from Tilde, the workshop lead, I made my first open source code contribution to Open Pixel Art!

What I Learned

  1. I always thought I needed to contribute actual code to open source projects. I was wrong. You don’t have to write code to contribute to open source. My first four pull requests were all (non-code) content curriculum for Techtonica.
  2. Don’t make a pull request to your own repository that you’ve cloned. I accidentally did this when working on Open Pixel Art. Rookie mistake! Make the pull request for the actual project.

What’s Next

I’m excited to get involved contributing code to open source projects with beginner friendly issues.

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