About me

I'm Sophia, a software engineer, technical writer, and former baker.

I set OKRs to learn how to code.

I occasionally blog about things I learn and projects I've built.

Iā€™m currently seeking a full-time software engineering role at an impact driven organization with a strong culture of learning and mentorship.

I'm one of the best junior software engineers you'll find. Why?

  • šŸ§  I have a growth mindset: Anything can be learned if you put your mind to it and follow through.
  • šŸ‘ I'm feedback oriented: I can not only give specific, kind, and actionable feedback, I continuously ask the right questions to seek feedback on ways to learn and improve.
  • šŸ‘©ā€šŸ’» I'm excited to learn: I love solving interesting problems and always find the right tools to solve them. Learning new things, whether a tool or a way of thought, is the best part about problem solving.

Let me show you these qualities in action here instead of just telling you!

I'll bring fresh eyes, potential, and fun to the next organization I join.

I build software with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js, GraphQL, Python, Express, Microsoft Azure. I'm excited to learn any new tool or technology to solve the right problems.

When I'm not coding, you'll find me rock climbing, playing air hockey, or baking sourdough bread.