Hi, I'm Sophia

I build things with code.


I’m a front-end software developer, writer, and baker.

I blog about life as a programmer and my self-taught journey. My blog posts have over 30k views and have been featured on DEV's top 7.

I also co-organize Write/Speak/Code's San Francisco chapter to help increase the visibility and leadership of technologists from underrepresented genders through thought leadership, conference speaking, open source, self-care, and career mentorship.

When I'm not coding, you'll find me rock climbing, playing air hockey, or baking sourdough bread.

I’m currently seeking a full-time front-end role at an impact driven organization with a strong culture of learning and mentorship.

I Build Mildly Interesting Things


Productivity Chrome Extension with pomodoro and task trackers.

HTML, CSS, Javascript

Eat Play Drink

Filter through a curated list of the best restaurants, bars, museums in SF using Google Maps API.

HTML, CSS, Javascript

15Five Product Landing Page

A re-creation of 15Five's product landing page, utilizing landing page best practices.

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

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