Tips for Organizing Slack

Written by Sophia on April 10, 2022.

Slack can get chaotic when you’re in a lot of channels and get notifications for all of them.

This is how I organize Slack so it’s a little less distracting.

  1. Organize your channels with custom sections. I use the following categories with custom emojis for each:
    • Team
    • Wider team
    • Announcements
    • Social
    • Other
  2. Mute channels you want/need to be in but do not need notifications for.
  3. Use naming conventions for channels. These are some helpful prefixes I use:
    • Team
    • Social
    • Temp
  4. Connect GitHub to Slack. Pull requests (PR) are a big part of my day. This Slack + GitHub integration sends you a Slack ping for when you get a GitHub notifications. It’s nice to not have to keep GitHub or email open just for PR notifications.

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